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Signing a managed services contract is a significant step for any organization. This commitment provides greater network security and health, while allowing for a more predictable IT budget. Eliminating this guesswork allows you to focus on your business, instead of the tools needed for business.

Review the steps below to learn more about how you are 3 simple steps away from a faster, more reliable and secure network.

It Starts With You

Our initial consultations usually begin with an email or phone call. Companies are looking for a managed services provider and wish to learn more about us. We share our vision and describe our offerings.

We then request an on-site meeting at your office. This allows us to inspect your network hardware and status, while also seeing the physical layout of the workspace. This allows us to make the most accurate estimates for your network needs. We get a better sense of the unique access or machines that make your company run. This meeting usually takes less than one hour. Our project managers are simply on a fact-finding mission as they review your network. They may answer general questions about costs or pricing, but are not there to make an in-person sales pitch. We do not believe in pressure sales or "today only" deals.

Proposals and Quotes

After seeing your office, our team will put together a proposal. We consider your personnel, workspace, software, hardware and devices. Any pain points or security concerns discussed in person are added as well.

Our proposal identifies the key goals you wish to accomplish. Examples may include adding remote users, fewer network interruptions, or access to drive shares and cloud backups. The proposal lays out how these issues will be resolved and a timeline for completion.

Our quote includes any up-front costs of purchasing equipment to reach your key goals or eliminate pain points. It also includes our monthly management fees. We share this information via email, and follow up with a phone call to answer any questions about the services or prices.

Agreement and Service Migration

The next step is to review our service agreement. It identifies what is covered and what we manage. It determines your rights and our responsibilities. It answers the "Who, what and when" of managed services.

Once signed, we partner with you and manage your network. We work with you to gather necessary information (switch or server passwords, static IP addresses). We connect to each device and install remote management software that can deploy updates and security features to each device.

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