Remote Monitoring and Management

From a distance, we can view and access your servers and workstations. We ensure all devices have the necessary updates and security settings to keep your network running efficiently and securely. We schedule updates and diagnostics to run after the work day ends, which allows your network to run at peak performance during your normal hours of operation.

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Compliance Audits For Our Customers in the Medical Industry

Whether you are a medical professional or perform services for one, you know the importance of HIPAA. Our network audits and compliance checks help you create or update your HIPAA binder, and our annual review ensures that you remain in compliance. Our detailed reports become part of your binder, which are effectively demonstrate the proactive measures you have taken to safeguard patient data.

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Allow Remote Users to Safely Access Network Assets

Remote access to network resources is vital to business professionals on the move. Whether you have a traveling sales professional or users who work from home, employees frequently need access to shared file servers or programs only installed on machines in the office. We customize virtual machines, servers and remote desktop connections while keeping your data safe from intruders.

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Disaster Recovery and Off-Site Backups

Hardware failure: it's a matter of WHEN, not IF. Sooner or later those delicate parts wear out. Hard drives stop spinning or electrical surges fry sensitive parts. But backing up your critical data is only part of the solution. Creating off-site backups and testing them on a scheduled basis drastically reduces the chance of data loss.

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Our Layered Security Approach Keeps You Safe

You've heard the terms: hacking, phishing, pharming, DDoS, spammers, bots and more. The list goes on forever. These cybercriminals are getting smarter and more effective. We install network hardware to mitigate attacks, and make sure each endpoint has antivirus and anti-malware applications installed. Network traffic between locations or 3rd party services is encrypted from end to end. New threats appear daily and it is vital that you stay protected.

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