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We remove the guesswork from your network.

Mid-Atlantic Tech Services is headquartered in Frederick, MD. We provide services to customers in Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. We have worked in the industry since 2005.

We are passionate about the tools and services that keep networks running smoothly. Networks have evolved significantly over the years, and our team is focused on providing the best hardware and services to ensure our customers can remain productive. Our remote monitoring and management abilities usually allow us to detect network problems before they are known to end users.

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What Separates Mid-Atlantic Tech Services from Other Companies?

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Do you buid new networks?

Absolutely. We can either enhance an existing network, or create a new one. We work with our customers to determine what they need, and make recommendations based on those needs.

What kinds of services do you provide?

We offer a wide variety of network services, including installation and maintenance. Our preferred partner status allows us to work with many hardware manufacturers, which means you get the exact equipment you require. Learn more about our services here.

How does a managed service agreement benefit customers?

This is one of the most common questions we receive. Why should I pay for a monthly service- can't I just pay for you to fix a problem? Our network monitoring abilities are only provided to customers who have a monthly maintenance agreement. We can usually detect issues before they become problematic for end users. This means that you have less downtime and service interruptions. On-site technicians trying to resolve a major network issue can be costly- especially when one doesn't know the network's structure or security information. Our management plans take all of this guesswork out of the equation. Further, it provides a predictable monthly cost for IT services. While some companies may go a couple months without needing tech help, some unplanned repairs can cost thousands of dollars in labor and equipment. A managed service agreement removes these peaks and valleys from budget planning.

How much does a monthly maintenance agreement cost?

Monthly agreements are calculated based on the number of users and devices that access the network. We are able to calculate this as part of an estimate once we determine your current status and your needs. As you add more employees or equipment, the cost will increase. However, our prices are the fraction of having a full-time IT professional working in your office.

Can I use my existing equipment if you manage my network?

In most cases, yes! If you have newer equipment that is considered to be an industry standard, we can easily incorporate that into our offering. In some cases, we provide small network assets as part of your managed agreement. If we notice that you have outdated network components that will slow down the network or make it more susceptible to attacks, we will recommend the purchase of new hardware.

When do you recommend that we replace computers or network equipment?

When a machine or piece of hardware is obsolete, we recommend removing it from the network. It is understandable the companies don't want to buy all new equipment every few years. However, the cost for maintaining failing equipment and the security risks are not worth the trouble. Our remote monitoring software can detect problematic and aging equipment, and we can provide you with options to enhance your network.